What makes HALOS unique is our ability to be flexible and responsive to community needs.

Each year, HALOS will change its focus and efforts towards a different service-based organization. We will plan a variety of unique fundraising activities that provide financial assistance and raise awareness about specific community causes.

It’s our hope that as new organizations are targeted for funding, new HALOS with fresh ideas and a passion for making a difference will join us and strengthen our community circle.

In 2015, we have a new focus and that is to support all non-profits who need a helping hand. We hope you will join us in our efforts.

HALOS 100 Hearts – Women’s Networking


Women Who Care We are women from all walks of life with 2 things in
common, a passion for helping others, and a desire to see our efforts directly benefit local non‐profit causes in Fort McMurray.

Our upcoming events are scheduled for:

  • January 17, 2017 at 6:30 pm – Boston Pizza (downtown location)
  • March 29, 2017 at 6:30 pm
  • June 9, 2017 at 7 pm

If you are interested in taking part, fill out a registration form today. You’ll find the form below!

HALOS 100 Hearts are at it again

Helping Assist Local Organizations Society – HALOS have kicked off their 100 Heart program tonight. This evening the 100 Hearts of HALOS donated $7,500 to St.Aidans, a local, deserving non-profit.


St. Aidan’s Society is a long-standing local social profit that strives to be a leader in Senior related matters across the region. Sadly, Elder Abuse is a growing issue in the community and social isolation makes seniors more susceptible to Elder Abuse.

In response to this serious social issue, St. Aidan’s has partnered with the Connect Newspaper to produce a newsletter entitled, “Senior Connections.”  This is a monthly, two page spread that comes as part of the Connect Newspaper, which is delivered to most homes in the community. The information includes upcoming events, programs and services specifically for seniors.

The 100 Hearts Program brings 100 community-minded women together to give back to the place they call home. The program is a ladies network group aimed at supporting local charities and causes that need extra assistance. The women are tasked with voting for a non-profit that could use a helping hand.

Today was the first event in the 2nd year of the program. The program is still looking for new members to join. For those ladies interested in meeting like-minded people while giving back, we encourage you to fill out a registration form and join us for round two of giving.

All 11 local non-profits that were eligible for the funds were selected through applications made to the HALOS organization. If other local groups are interested in applying to make the list of eligible non-profits, apply today!

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